Our Unique Approach

The LDG Design Approach

The Lighting Design Group offers an established track record, skilled professionals, and a broad range of services at a fair price. It's a combination the competition can't match. Our artistic vision, production and operations management, and extensive network of designers, gaffers, and electricians can make the difference between a good show and a great one.


A Unique Design Approach

The Lighting Design Group takes a multi-stage approach to designing every one of our lighting projects, from the largest television studio to the smallest remote location. The result is a rich, creative design, and an efficient, well-ordered execution.

The first stage, collaboration, puts to work our well-seasoned creative and conceptual abilities. In partnership with the producer, director, and scenic designer, we determine the overall approach and style of the lighting design, establishing a working relationship with each to better serve the development of the overall design.

After the design concept has been established we move on to the second stage of the design, pre-production. Employing our detailed technical and production skills, we determine how best to put the design concept into practice. Consideration is given to the production facility, lighting equipment required, schedule, labor pool, and budget.

The final stage sets the design into motion. Utilizing the lead designer, assistant lighting designers, production management team and our team of electricians and gaffers, production begins and the design is taken from concept and carefully shaped into the remarkable product that many have come to expect from The Lighting Design Group.


Production Assistance that Really Helps

Is your project last minute, short-term or a larger, more extensive assignment? No matter what type of project is involved, the firm provides a variety of services that are helpful to you, the client.

The Lighting Design Group is a medium-size, full-service lighting design firm. Our hands-on management style assures that we maintain tight control over all elements of the project from the initial meeting through the launch of the project, without the top-heavy management found in larger firms.

The firm provides a fully staffed Production Department who is equipped to handle any questions or issues that may arise pre-production, during the installation phase, and into post production, long after the initial launch date. Highly proficient Project Coordinators, a Scheduling Coordinator, an Assistant Lighting Designer, and an Administrative Personnel staff are always on-hand to ensure the production proceeds smoothly, seamlessly and successfully from beginning to end.

The Lighting Design Group employs its extensive experience in production and design to remain an efficient and cost-effective leader in lighting design for the east coast and beyond.

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